MeHow LA Series Handheld Spirometer

Product Features

Conform to ATS/ERS standards.

Accurate COPD/Asthma screening, detection and post-medication evaluation.

Smart pulmonary function test modular design, automatic test report generating and printing.

Light and convenient with chargeable lithium battery inside which can be connected to mobile device.

Six Minutes’ Walk test function to evaluate the cardiopulmonary function of patients after surgery, medication and rehabilitation when connected to APP.

Multi-level breathing training function to meet the needs of various people to improve lung ventilation.

Refined children's pulmonary function parameters: FEV0.5, FEV0.75 and PEFR curve, which can more accurately reflect the pulmonary function of children. 

Product Specifics

Operation: Chinese and English interface which can be connected to Mobile APP by the Bluetooth to facilitate patient cooperation.

Sensor:Digital turbine sensor.

Main testing parameters:SVC、PEF、FVC、FEV1、FEV1/FVC、FEV3、FEV6、FEV0.5、FEV0.75、MMEF 、Vextr、Vextr%、LUNG AGE、MVV.

Precision: Flow rate accuracy: ±5% or ±200ml/s (maximum value preferred); capacity accuracy: ±3% or ±50ml (maximum value preferred).

Range: Flow rate range: 0-16L/S; Capacity range: 0-16L.

Power:Chargeable lithium battery with cable.




Main Configuration

Optional Accesory

Host machine

Disposable bacterial filter

Flow sensor

Adjustable breathing training mouthpiece

Power cable